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How the latest tax reform affects your estate plan

After long debate, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has finally been passed into law. A long and complex document, the tax reform has implications on myriad areas of an individual's life. The changes these new tax regulations have on estate planning are worth understanding in full.

The new law doubles the following exemptions--but only for the next eight years:

The widow's share

You may have heard of a story like this. A couple marries in midlife, and the woman moves into the man's home. Twenty years later, the husband dies, and the wife is horrified to discover that she has no ownership of their home.

Worse, relatives of her husband -- in-laws or step kids -- want her to move out of the house. She faces living on the street because her husband never included her in his will.

Consistency is important to estate planning

How an estate will be passed on is an important consideration for Louisiana families. However, high-asset families can easily find themselves presented with a complex legal situation when it comes to estate planning and succession. A deceased loved one likely expressed wishes for how their property will be divided, but what they say could differ from what is written in a legal document. How can families be more consistent is estate planning?

Celebrity death highlights estate planning issues

A Can't-Miss Overview of the Estate Tax

As people look back on their lives, they will realize that they've worked hard for what they have. They spent years going to school, climbing the ladder, setting up a successful business, or some combination of all of these. They have provided a good life for themselves and their family. They would like to pass on what they have to the people they love and care about.

Unfortunately, many people overlook the fact that they can't simply pass down what they have to their heirs. There is a piece of the tax code called the estate tax that stands to take a large chunk out of an estate unless people plan their inheritance carefully


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