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Now is the time to talk about end-of-life estate matters

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Wills |

Estate planning is a hard subject to talk about with loved ones because it involves making plans for a time when someone in the family will no longer be alive. Estate planning can involve the development and execution of legal documents that dictate how and to whom items of wealth and property are distributed. Though it can be hard to discuss such matters, bigger problems than discomfort can arise when Louisiana residents are not prepared to have their estates pass after their deaths.

It is never too early to talk about end-of-life estate matters with loved ones, particularly older parents who may not have estate plans or may not have revisited their estate plans in many years. When families work together to understand the laws and implications of their estate planning decisions, it can make it easier on survivors who must administer those estates as executors.

Questions to consider in estate planning

When addressing the topic of one’s end-of-life estate, there are important questions that can be asked to ensure that the individual’s wishes and goals are met. For example, questions to consider may include:

  • Who do I want to benefit from my estate?
  • Have any changes happened in my life to require an update to my estate plan?
  • Have I executed all the appropriate estate planning documents to meet my goals?
  • Do I understand what will happen with my wealth, assets and debts when I die?
  • Are my estate planning documents properly executed to avoid problems and challenges during succession after my death?

Individuals can have many questions beyond this short list. Starting the estate planning process can be emotionally taxing and legally confusing. That is why many Louisiana residents choose to work through the details of their end-of-life estates with the help of dedicated legal representatives.

Why a lawyer can help when planning one’s end-of-life estate

Succession, also known as probate, is a legal process that happens in the courts of the state. It ensures that a person’s assets and debts are properly addressed after they die and that the instructions they set out in their estate planning documents are clear and followed. Sometimes succession is uneventful, but other times it is riddled with complexities.

Attorneys who work in estate planning and administration are well-suited to support their clients’ individual needs and legal challenges. There is no reason to hold off on discussing end-of-life estate planning, and trusted Louisiana-based estate planning and administration lawyers can be parts of those conversations from their beginnings.