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Top 5 Serious Injuries From Car Accidents

The title of this page, the “Top 5 Injuries From Car Accidents,” introduces dilemmas right away for anyone attempting to quantify injuries. Should we look at the most frequent types of injuries or the most severe? Should we get information from insurance companies, government sources or personal injury attorneys?

It may be that there is no one correct answer to the question of what the “top five” injuries are for people injured in car accidents. However, those who work with car accident survivors in Louisiana and elsewhere are familiar with trends. Certain common themes stand out in injury reports collected from many drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists involved in auto accidents.

Common Reported Categories And Types Of Injuries Resulting From Motor Vehicle Crashes

What we can say is that wherever you look for information and however you characterize injuries from car accidents, the following types appear on nearly every list or chart:

  • Head and brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries can leave a person in a coma for a long time. In many other cases, a functional survivor appears to heal, but experiences lasting negative effects, such as personality changes and difficulty concentrating. Concussions and skull fractures are also common injuries in car accidents.
  • Neck and back injuries: Whiplash and herniated disks are often listed among typical car accident-related injuries. Someone with whiplash may need to live with a neck brace for days, weeks or months. Chronic pain is a result in many cases. Herniated disks are common back injuries that people suffer in car accidents. Insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay proper compensation for what they call “soft tissue” injuries, which often means neck and back injuries. Meanwhile, the injured person may have great expenses as well as long-lasting pain and incapacitation to cope with.
  • Spinal cord injuries: The location of a spine injury is near that of a neck or back injury; however, injuries of this type are in their own category because of their catastrophic nature. Someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury often ends up with paralysis and life-altering disabilities.
  • Face injuries and lacerations: Burn injuries and lacerations on the face and other parts of the body are natural consequences of the risks associated with driving or riding in a motor vehicle. Speed, sudden impacts with steel and glass, and in some cases, fires caused by burning fuel are all factors in injuries such as these. The worst part about such injuries may be scarring that can mark an accident survivor for a lifetime.
  • Bone fractures: Broken legs, feet, arms, hands, shoulders and pelvic bones often appear on lists of common injuries occurring in car accidents. The severity and repercussions of orthopedic injuries differ greatly from one person to another. A car accident survivor may eventually heal completely or may be left with pain that never goes away. Either way, expenses and losses can be substantial. Amputations also occur in some car and truck accidents, either immediately or after days, weeks or months of deterioration of an injured limb.

Another Type Of Injury That Is Extra Hard To Quantify

Statisticians and analysts who study car accidents and injuries also remind us that one of the most common consequences of a crash is invisible but very real for many people: a psychological or emotional injury. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects many people who have been involved in serious vehicle accidents.

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