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Is Your Will Up-To-Date? This Is A Good Question That Deserves An Answer.

Nearly everyone knows it is important to have a will. If you die without a will, your assets will be distributed according to state law. You will have had no say in who inherits your bank accounts, real estate, vehicles and other belongings. Inheritance taxes may take a larger portion of your estate than necessary. The experience of settling your estate may cause your family much more time and money than would have been the case with a properly executed will.

You may find yourself nodding in agreement with this cautionary advice. However, if you continue to procrastinate, it could be the way your final legacy plays out. Talk to an estate planning attorney at Grant & Barrow, A Professional Law Corporation, in Gretna, Louisiana. Learn how we can help you prepare to provide for your family or favorite charities through a well-thought-out will.

Create A New Will Or Update An Existing One

Your will may include one or more trusts. It may include funeral and burial instructions. You may also prepare powers of attorney, including a living will or health care power of attorney. Such documents can be powerfully helpful to next of kin or close friends, watching out for you and your personal affairs if you are incapacitated.

What if you already have a will? Based on our years of experience practicing estate law, we urge you to have a lawyer review it from time to time. This is especially important after any significant event, such as:

  • A move to Louisiana from another state
  • A marriage or divorce
  • Births or deaths in the family
  • Starting or selling a business

Even if you do not believe your life circumstances have changed much, reviewing your will every few years is a wise way to make sure your affairs will be in order when the time comes.

For Personalized Information About Wills, Successions And Related Issues, Contact Us

Whether you need to create a will for the first time or wish to have an attorney look at or change your existing will, Grant & Barrow, A Professional Law Corporation, welcomes your inquiry. We can also guide you through your duties as an executor of a loved one’s estate.

Our succession (probate) practice, we help many clients interpret and execute family members’ wills and trusts. We represent clients facing will contests and probate litigation. Please call us at 504-662-9561 or email us to learn how we can help. Our first question is likely to be, “Is your will up to date?”